Thursday, August 20, 2009

Claypot Chicken Rice free now...always go out eat with my group members.Nowadays,my group members and I felt too bored eat at Bandar Baru, Kampar. Therefore, my friend, Howard suggest go eat claypot chicken rice rather than eat economy rice(nasi campur or many dishes in plate of rice). Then, my friend, Alvin told us that 2 places at old town there are consider taste good...But he prefer the place called Lam Kee claypot chicken rice la but I prefer another shop because it gives more special than Lam Kee.Nevertheless, each place has its own uniqueness of claypot chicken rice.

So, we go Lam Kee there eat la.......In that place, really not so hygiene but aiya what to do, that day we very eager to eat that claypot chicken rice haha~!Then, we order two big claypots and then aunty who serve us, suddenly shock...then, Alvin and me answer her that eat two big claypots like eating peanuts LOL....then, aunty said no problem lo then...haha~!Afterward, we start to scare that we can't eat finish it because many family members usually order one claypot chicken rice is enough....but we gone mad again LOL

THis is first claypot arrived la....mmm...the taste good and the rice not so dry and feel some soft texture of the rice.Anyway,the chef not so stingy because normally claypot chicken rice very less slices of Chinese sausage and tiny salty fish.They gives quite a lot of chinese sausage and also salty fish hehe~!Moreover, the rice didn't overcooked so as result, the rice is nice in color and smell great when it arrives to our table.
Besides, the chickens chop till the size average to every parts so the presentation quite ok I think hehe~!The chicken's meat also good because it quite smooth the meat and the meat is tender and soya sauce did not overcome the chicken taste.

But sad is not so much fan chiu(crispy rice bottom of the rice)...I love eat this fan chiu because the rice cripsy until like eating snack ..wah great when you eat this while drinking beer...But no so good for health thus I can't eat fan chiu a lo haha~!.They maintain the taste very good and I taste got little ginger of it so quite no bad when cold weather eat this (^_^)

Until I eat whole pot rather than use plate haha~!As you can see picture above..LOL...too hungry la...that day I didn't eat anything in the morning and also afternoon so at night become like a hungry monster suffers starvation 10 days.

Overall, I give 3 stars over 5 stars to this claypot chicken rice.....anyway, food is very subjective so if you have does not have same opinion with not strange or weird because everyone have different taste and preference in their mind.The next post probably PSP best games of year 2009.Besides, my EXORCISM-X still in progress so I think more suitable publish date will be October. Sorry for everyone because got little bit technical problems in my story lol.


  1. big???
    and it looks tasty man...
    tat day i makan with vincent XD
    not nice wan XD

  2. haha.....u and vincent eat there b4?same place?actually got 2 places one....

  3. ish... make my stoamch growl now... haha, still have to wait for ur exorcism...


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