Friday, May 7, 2010

Blog 41th

life is meaningless...always find answer why we should live and struggle to achieve certain thing.Moreover, something even more interesting is you put your effort more does not mean that the payout is like equal or even more positive result...never mind this aspect i already know since I was just little kid in primary. Most interesting is what u do consider as good deed...but never get any good return even make you more suffer...ok la if a person do thing waiting for the return then , it is totally wrong and against morality totally...from my view is helping people is not for deed is because i feel they need me and i feel happy to help them. Unfortunately life is ao realistic and materialistic...hahaha these elements i saw a lot 15 years can say me a exordinary kid kua..

today i totally no father illness still going on...does not show recover symptom..sigh..everyday nite i cry and suffer those pains because i also still need to face those fantastic exam...everyday i study more than twelve hours but it does not pay what i should i I know certain ass people read this thing will say u need study smart bla bla bla..cut the crap i got dean list and a lot of good praises and positive commendation from several malaysia education is not practical, is memorizing process education....ya i forgot what so pain today, another thing is i feel sympathy to one my best friend..coz my friend quite suffering about financial and family I feel quite sad about what he sometimes my friend* need my aid anything even money i also give a hand to this friend...but today most interesting is my friend say me as cheater or conman where got borrow so many...and give such great expression to me...why i so stupid lend him money???even now thousand of problems i need to handle..gosh...never mind i still need to handle 2 more papers next week...

I really hope faster graduate...quite suffering..cause i need those damn cert and find a job eagerly to takeover family duty. Anyway, in this world always is not fair i know i know...thank u blogspot give me such good "release stress" tool. this is my first time type such thing ...the most memorable blog 41th..and thank u jacky song Dai Ni CHui CHui Fung...the MV story totally just like me before I enter university...the difference is jacky want to study about filming i just further study in business......sigh

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  1. Just come across your blog. Didn't know you have so much problems with you lately. I was probably too preoccupied with my own life. Anyway just want you to stay strong...things will get better!! if you need someone to talk to and need help, I'll do my best as a friend. take care bro!!


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