Saturday, May 15, 2010

ERICSOFT Mascot 2010

Still no mood continue my comic wuahahaha maybe I need something to awake my "power" LOL...PLZ god give some special idea hehe.

Anyway, I finally draw a new mascot design for represent ERICSOFT Group ...hahaha..a little Samurai Bear (not kumara ok? hehe) as Soft..I hope this Soft give good luck to Ericsoft or real eric and also to everyone who knows Ericsoft and to celebrate 10 Anniversary Ericsoft Group.

I think is quite cute but i don't know others' perception la...actually I want to continue play my ALAN WAKE but suddenly my inspiration come out!!SO no choice, Then SOft created and born to this Complicated World!! now have a break..of course!!have a.....bath sorry no kikat le..(^___^)

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