Monday, April 19, 2010

Endure Everthing fast a month pass liao..time to update LOL...many thing happen around previous months and current month..Rare thing happen on me that is...I play back basketball!!wuahahhaha~!totally out of the blue because i had been stopped play basketball since end of form 4 LOL.

Thank you Kiddo and my sui lui pao..early morning 7am wake up me(totally suffering)..cause I'm night ghost(very very late sleep)so you can imagine how suffer i am.After play basketball, some more I go sing K again 4 hours!!LOLx....ABOX totally bad condition in air-condition and microphones..sigh totally spoil my mood and my group members too that day.

family,and friends in tutorial class problem...make me super-duper headache was my father get sick and relatives' big drama....meanwhile the university inform me that I get a dean list for previous semester. Don't know I should happy or what at that time...sigh

besides, more dramatic is in my tutorial, election of class rep breakout when having storm weather at that time. Really a chaos that day because many girls cried!!Aduhai!but i know why they cried for..really sad see such thing happen sigh.....just a small matters arise become big exam is coming around the corner...i totally no mood study......

sometimes, i still thinking why god always like to fool me when everything get something is good and nice and happy...sure another thing arise to make me depress and feel sad...anyway, i try to endure everything ....

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