Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Fine Saturday

At First, thought this Saturday can go watch Ip Man 2 but still fail to watch sigh Never mind la...actually Sammo Hung Vs Donnie Yen scene tempting me go cinema watch je haha...U see my little Soft (above, ERICSOFT Mascot) make a Hung Quan Stance just like Sammo Hung haha~!....

This is Saturday as usual, father bring me go eat nice and delicious as always, once I had the Sem break. We went to Nam Kee Coffee shop in Ipoh near Oversea restaurant...there usually some famous and regular foods sure order a lot from our Ipohans that are curry mee/beehoon, toast( quite similar with Old Town Ipoh),Kaya Glutinous rice (Kaya is sweet paste made by coconut and eggs)and lastly is their chee cheong fun...don't worry they didn't claim as Hong Kong chee cheong fun like those hawkers zzz..

This is famous sweet and delicious Kaya Glutinous Rice...I tell you la even you know this food give you high calories but you still dare to eat and unable to hold your patience to grab this fantastic rice!!!Old town Kampar also got this food...Some of my Uni friends say did not eat this food before !!I just give them...big expression..huh...what the...haha...anyway, you really need to try this!!No regret!!

That is just starter for me hahaha~!I reverse western course haha~!where got people eat dessert food first main course also not yet come finally come the hot and spicy curry mee plus Beehoon ..hooho~!hot!!first of all, this got pork meat not suitable to islamic people...maybe if really want to eat can order chicken curry mee also can....hehe if so eager to eat la...haha..I always don't like spicy stuff...but this time really break my TABOO!! haha~!>

After having such great, nice and heavy breakfast, of course go some exercises go shopping with mom...this is not the main purpose haha~!course I want to buy a new old watch spoil cho the skin zz..can't change or fix it...sad..need use money again ..sigh

So, as usual I bought Casio watch!! I tell you Casio really good brand and consistent good quality...the price always reasonable,durable and resistant water plus stainless steel!!no choice choose back this brand lol moreover, Casio is from Japan!!...frankly i saw a nice Seiko watch..but the price is totally make your hair stand to the end LOL because the watch's peice is RM1000+ !!OMG!!WT...never mind la sigh >_<

In the end, I abandon my old watch which accompany me 4 years (16 seasons) a bit but no choice cause my new watch more stylish and nice!!!haha~!actually before my old another Casio accompany with me more than 6 years...but now already become "botak" (baldy)!!LOL So fast already passed another day...good Sunday arrived lu...but I still not yet start my comic..zz..I also don't know when I will going to start LOL...

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