Thursday, May 13, 2010


...finally my Hard Day finall passed...and i'm free from hell.and I try my best to be strong..thank u bro Kianish lol..quite unbelievable My creation of ERICSOFT group already 1oth years old hahaha~!Actually this group is similar to an art studio and I dream to work out some great design, drawing,comic or games..I had been dream to become a great designer since I was young ..

geesh but still I can't fulfill my dream but I still finding some ways to accomplish my dream..I never give up and I try my best to present all my masterpiece to everyone of you!!The inspiration of this name is come from Square Enix.if those people who are Final Fantasy fans, should know their old name that was Square Soft.

ERICSOFT had been produced more than hundred drawings and recently produce a new comic, EXORCISM-X.haha~!Besides, it work as social network to share interesting and trendy information to everyone about games, consoles, music, softwares and movies since 2001. And you can join in Facebook, search it..called ERICSOFT. Actually I had been created a comic before EXORCISWM-X that was SAMANOSKE in 2004.

Samanoske quite interesting comic but still lack of something in the comic that was "flow". I still learning it to improving my skills and Exorcism-X Chapter 1.2 COMING SOON this JUNE..maybe, perhaps, high probability publish on 06.06.10 haha!! I hope i can manage because i quite busy nowadays.Lastly, next post I will create ERICSOFT mascot, its name is Soft...probably will be reveal next post and crossover with my BIRTHDAY Event!!fIRST OF MAY...and maybe Soft will give review a new called ALAN WAKE then, only goes to My Birthday event post hehe.

I would like to thank u to all my good friends or brothers or cousins...without your supports, I can't come out so many designs and because you all make my ambition still burning just like a fire phoenix.."eternity fire will not perish"...

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