Sunday, December 21, 2008

Inspiration..& A Recall ...

Sigh...Yesterday i was worn out...aiyo almost half day with my good friends went and chat.After I went back home and want to take a rest so sit at the sofa then plan to take a nap.Suddenly, I discover one old and torn book at the sofa. I wonder what book is that old and dusty haha! my comic book that I draw in 2004 and at that time i think i'm in form4. The comic i want to share with u all even can't show it to you all...but still can written here geh haha~!

mmm...This comic book title is Samanoske,the story's inspiration is come from Onimusha and Naruto.So, I gave little bit intro and why i'm say inspiration come from them. The book done in 2004 and I rebrand the title from War and Remembrance into Tales of Memorial Mountain.
The story start in a big village name as Fo Yin. A boy is orphange, everyone called him as Ryuoni(dragon demon) but his true name is Samanoske. He is quite arrogant and irritating little guy but Samanoske is just newbie shinobi in the village.One day, Samanoske's mentor, Seymour Azuma give him a opportunity to promote next rank level shinobi. The boy very happy after heard the news from his mentor.Anyway, he failed the promotion examination. The examiner is Kira Noah, the famous elite shinobi in the village and he quite prejudice on him and he say You are dropout forever is a dropout Ryuoni,can't become a dragon fly beyond the sky haha!Maybe this is what we called those destined as enemy lol. Because of that examination failed, Toro tell Samanoske that go steal the scroll in the temple then you will become strong and can defeat Kira Noah. Samanoske wants back the dignity so he sneak into Fo-yin Forbidden Temple or called as Shinobitenkami Temple. The purpose he goes there is to take a look the Scroll of Heaven. The secret is just allow to read and practice by heir of Warlord or got permission from the king or warlord of the state.The temple already seal by Warlord Nobuhari akisame.The secret still no one knows why warlord declared the temple forbidden, rumor say the temple was buried a demon corpse like dragon,lion and phoenix somehow like chimera.

Accidentally, the soul link together with corpse so Samanoske become demon!!So the warlord rush and rescue him.Frankly, Toro is a spy from one syndicate called as Shan-Sui clan. The syndicate wants to takeover the state,Fo-Yin and revenge back to get what their lost in battle of South Cresent Mountain.Then, the syndicate sent huge army attack the state and sent intruder first to get the scroll in the temple.In the end is just a flashback of the Samanoske when he is looking at the mountain called as Fo-Yin Memorial Mountain.

In 2005, another inspiration come into my mind then, I make a sequel for Samanoske and theme was Legend of Gear Arsenal. The story setting not in feudal century but is in present time. Descendant of Samanoske discover a Gear or robot artefact at Japan. The main character in this comic this time is Kazuma and he is a clumsy archeaologist lol and later on, the Gear bring him to his ancestor era. He drop into middle of that time the battle very famous called as Battle of Sekigahara in 1600. Kazuma's ancestor , Samanoske is battling with another Warlord Hidetada and Regent Ishida Mitsunari to help Warlord Leyasu Tokugawa to seize the whole nation. OMG! Kazuma' adventure begins here la haha!Later on, Kazuma and his ancestor fight together save the world and change the history!!The story's inspiration was came from Metal Gear Solid lol Thanks to Hideo Kojima a lot.
Anyway, I just recalled back the stories last night haha...sigh I hope one day i can publish a comic book wuahahaa!!Actually I read the comic then sleep cho la...because too tired and not because the comic boring ok!(^__^) Lastly, I would like to make clear statement here that if got any similarity in characters, events, actions or storylines in my comic are just coincidence...thnx to my good cousin brother remind me (^o^).Thank u to everyone who support me along all these years.

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