Friday, December 19, 2008

Lady's Night

One day, I just switch on the tv...then suddenly a singer sing a song full with rock's feeling.Then, I wonder who is that guy sing such a great melody..Ohhh is Harlem yU!!HAHA..looks like i'm talking in outrageous way ^_^but anyway is true harlem songs is not bad...once upon a time he called as Father of rock music (R&B).Frankly, he still young but just too matured only lol.

So,I go and get his lastest album Lady's Night.In this album got 12 songs..the last song of this album can say not included haha because it is just 11 songs compress in one mmm..something like 'ma lai chung'song.I'm hope u understand the term la lol.

The first song he sang, quite interesting because he always Bi~la~bo~la~pe!!haha...He mentions before that this phrase means I Love U so everyone who want to confess to your lover may can use this phrase to confess or enhance yr relationship haha~!

Tracks List

01. 愛你的只有一個我
02. 遇見
03. 808
04. 親密愛人
05. 星星堆滿天
06. 我願意
07. 玲瓏塔
08. 小小禮物
09. 勇氣
10. 心動
11. 葉子
12. 哈林精選 (愛你的只有一個我+808+親密愛人+遇見+愛你的只有一個我)

Other songs like no.2 , no.6 and no.11 葉子 (MV above) ...woo it gives lot of power and make your heart's beating wanted to follow the rhythm of the song OMG!!haha~!

Lastly,this album consider worth to buy everyone(^_^)Moreover, Harlem Gambateh and don't give up even some unpleasant thing occur on you....just erase out this memory.Anyway, is just like us..we also should think it forwardly and forget those sad memories in our minds.We should live in joy and may lengthen your age haha~!

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