Friday, December 26, 2008


Why I say reunion?This is because few days ago, everyone celebrate Tung* and every chinese people wish to celebrate with whole family members so as a sign of " Twin Yuen" (cantonese dialect)in english means reunion haha!....That day, i go eat Tang yuen with my mom at Oversea.OMG! texture of the Tangyuen is marvellous...not so sticky and not so when u bite on it and slowly chewed then the tang yuen will dissolved in your mouth very fast, don't know how to describe the feeling anyway fantastic la...The taste word to describe is DElicious..inside the paste is use black my favourite paste...haha!mm..somemore the soup is ginger soup, is great when have it in such cold
weather. This is what a TangYuen look like with black sesame paste...don't judge something by its cover, even dark and ugly but very tasty I tell u...Similar to Stinky Taufu or we called as Chow Tau fu that its look and smell are awful but once taste it, one word come to your mind very fast is tasty.(is just my personal opinion only(^_^)...
Anyway, Tung festival is just celebrate once in a year only so I very appreciate such moment eating Tangyuen...While I'm eating TangYuen accidentally I saw a picture that is new Oversea design picture.Omg!!Oversea Ipoh Branch may move cho....aa..maybe it still remain this old kua ..

If not remain it, I feel sad too because this old restaurant had been drop lot of my sweat and many joyful thing happen there too.This is because my father is working there so I may help him little bit geh haha!(taste dishes include a not?lol)When mooncake festival, I help them pack the boxes, carry boxes contain many mooncakes and etc. Everyone work there almost like family members ...because the old Oversea restaurant already open 26 years since 1982 if no mistaken la. So, lot of events occur there, I experience a lot there too. Sometimes bring me back a lot of old and good memories to me when I walk in.I had been work, play and chat with the workers already 2 decades lol include when I was born ,everyone haha~!
Sigh...anyway, one blink of eyes already pass 26 years ...the old Oversea change into new and big Oversea restaurant in Ipoh. Anyway, sometimes I quite miss some workers that had been leave or assign to another Oversea branch to work for example like Peng jer jer and Lily jer jer..those 2 big jer jer always treat me very well in Oversea those days. Another person miss a lot is Weng kor kor, he is the person full with sense of humour and sometimes he talk jokes just like Jim Carrey.Do u believe it or not haha!!Anyway,next year I want to taste again the marvellous and huge Tangyuen there!!aargh!!


  1. haha..Rm1 for One ball TangYuen

  2. aiyo...just one ball only rm1...supermarket rm4 got more than 10 balls cho la haha


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