Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Reviewing Consoles ..(^_^)

PSP Console-2000
mmm...nowadays I see many people are playing PSP or Ds consoles..few months ago, the PSP still in reasonable price approximately Rm750-Rm800 but now is different, the cost of the PSP is Rm920-Rm999. I think is because the new PSP is out.

PSP now is quite famous cho...HOHO~!Perhaps the fall of Ps2 so influence people buy it kua ^_^
The Psp-2000(LEFT) got some weakness point that it has a very low sound speaker if not using headphone. Besides, PSP games always have same problem that is the camera angle and analog.
I hope Sony make a improvement on it.This is because while playing a character,hard to view the environment and hard to make action if like this. In PSP-3000 (RIGHT-above)there are a improvement on it if compare its predecessor. It had been make improvement in sound, graphic effect or LCD screen effect and the design of the console.
Moreover, the screen is wider or bigger than PSP-2000 so is quite comfortable and have a good feel watching movie or CGI scene of a game.
In DS console, the price is about Rm650-Rm699...DS also make another new version called as DSi console(below-right) ..aa..very expensive if compare, PSP-2000 and PSP-3000 comparison in price just only few hundreds.Gap between DS and DSi about Rm400+. The DSi is cost about Rm990+. I hope it may change kua the price....now oil price also drop liao haha~!Frankly, I 'm very interested the sketch program in this DS console..so I also want to buy one but too bad now very ex* not the right time to buy for me la LOL!!Actually quite similarity changes PSP and DS that is the screen effect .Additionally, these 2 consoles just change just little bit only so no big deal...Honestly speaking here, two also ex* so are not worth to buy for now. If those people are rich or have additional* money then go a head....^_^If really have lot of money, I propose u buy PS3 better this 2 little consoles.

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  1. hey tell me more bout psp n ds n all tat coz i wanna buy 1 aso...
    but it is damn expensive la...


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