Sunday, September 6, 2009


i CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPEN JUST NOW!!The little kitty hide inside my housemate cupboard and his room is at 2nd floor of the house....don't know how it able to squeeze* in there haha~!Luckily tuck chai(another housemate) and I found out if not that kitty die inside the cupboard...

The most funniest thing is no one want to take it out!!I also don't know they scare doubt it looks cute but maybe cover by thousand germs that our eyes can't see it coz germs' size are negligible lol..So I'm the one rescue him* out lo(what to do..hehe) and put him in the box and treat him like pet lol ..later interesting happen to him*!!

Finally,His MOm found him in the box and reunion once again!! you can see so warm picture(ABOVE)and his mom is miewing...the kitty follow his mom miew one time lol see animal also got sense to found back her own flesh...I wonder why so sudden nowadays cruel young parent abandon their baby without regret or feel this action is inhuman way doing such thing.Nowadays civilization is facing one of the big problems that is fallen of morality...sigh..anyway,I feel happy tonight that able to see such great reunion from this little kitty and his mom.


  1. omg!!!so sweet...
    very cute lo tat kitten...
    i wanna yeung wo XD
    dugong saved meow...
    sounds weird XD

  2. arrr...i like tat kitty...
    where the kitty now??/ur pet??
    or follow mommy chao d??
    or both mommy n kitty bcum ur pet/??????

  3. Jacky: too bad want to give u yeung also cannot cho...his mom take him away miss him

    Peiz: he follow mom chao cho T_T..he jus become my pet just for few hours only ..yer

    Eric: haha sai lou, u know...yr face just like the kitty that i post...when u can't get what i say that time lol yr face like the kitty lo!!

  4. Cool post here...nver know that you're an animal lover la...

  5. you not so understand me well je..kian hin haha~!lot of things u also don't know lol..seeker u really need to seek a lot from me lol


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