Sunday, November 24, 2013

Simple Life of EricSoft

So dream had been run for 14 years since 2001......well my life still up and down going. Life still goes on and no matter what happen, I had been endure a lot just like a roller coaster. Perhaps, God always give my life is like Examism hahahah~ a lot of exam in my life LOL...

Sometimes, I give some lecture a lot to many new trainee that work with your heart and sincerity and it will pay back one day.... Just matter of time..If those got study new generation Z really headache to all leaders nowadays as new workforce hahaha~ Hence, they have high intelligence but just need more times to shape them compare to generation Y and generation X....

The drawing as above...suddenly come up in my mind..while flash back a lot in my life...80s era 90s era ...21st century across coming and New Digital Era really make the world change a lot.....So, 2014 coming, what is further planning of your time for you make some checklist future....take note everyone =)

My Double comic hope can be out on time...HOHOHOO~!!!!

My story just like the song as below:

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