Wednesday, November 20, 2013

EXORCISM-X Review 2014

The Chapter 2 will be publish on First day of new Year 2014...Hopefully, this time can make it successfully. The picture above is new character add-on in this new chapter II...So, more dark magical element and horror element will add on too inside this new chapter, just like the drawing as below...Do you feel horror? hehe~ I still writing the script and finding certain area to create nice suspense..(^__^) Many people asking me...Eric, would you still continue your dream? Definitely. Perhaps I just change into another way to achieve...Always holding a believe in my heart is Never Give Up...

The date as above already adjusted to 01.01.2014 more easy memorize to everyone hahaha~The plot make me headache due to I already drop the script since 2009. A lot of ideas already disappeared in my mind. Therefore, now I like arrange back all pieces of puzzle memories in mind create clear picture of the story...Cover picture as below actually review of chapter 3 -UNEXPECTED GUEST.

 Overall, now I arrange several plot of stories to be more attractive and interesting....content as below:

 Chapter 1 - Tragic of Spirited Café
 Chapter 2 - Background Of Jiro 
 Chapter 3 - Unexpected Guest
 Chapter 4 - TBA

....that's all for my temporarily ideas...hope this upcoming new year 2014 bring a completed comic for my masterpiece story EXORCISM-X. For those new reader can click on this link:


THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SUPPORT...My Fan page reach 100+members...

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