Thursday, November 14, 2013


EXORCISM -X comic production start since 2008 till 2009...the comic start from combination novel and comic format. Hence, I received approximately 300 mails from readers and suggested that should change it to full manga/comic format...I take some times to study and learn new element to increase the plot story. After 4 years, I get some gist of ideas to continue my script to continue my masterpiece. Hopefully can be publish end of the year.

From the first chapter started at Shibuya City (Tokyo, Kanto region ~ illustration as above) if those have read my comic have seen before. I may add-on more locations to illustrate more historical and horror into chapter 2 and chapter 3.The drawing background may have some atmosphere and environment from Kanto to Kansai region (most probably Kyoto ) everyone stay tune he~he

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