Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Romance of University

Haha..finally second semester end...I think need some rest to recuperate my Qi* power LOL..anyway, I would like to put this story as..."Life is Like Dream" but I had promised earlier about this story so promise is a promise if not I violate to section2(d)and 26 of Contract Act 1950 haha~!joking joking je ..Sigh...quite long journey for me almost a year in my Uni...This time the story may similar to Romance of Three Kingdoms haha~!Actually very interesting my life because in my primary school era I have Trios Brother like Liu Bei,Guan Yu and Zhang fei but later in Secondary era still continue the legend bond of Brothers even though different people and present, I also having 2 good brothers just like those Legend brothers. So, I would like to say Life is Like a Dream..I can't believe I always encounter Brothers bond haha~!Omoshiroyeah...
More than decade years ago, three little brats play and fool around in their village and play together...those 3 fella quite notorious because they always vandalise, make noise to intterupt others and talk non-stop when having lesson so always be punish by teachers haha~!One day in the bus, they form as brothers* and more strengthen their bond but unpredictable event finally come that is Brothers need to dismiss...cause of they go to others school and left me at St Michael..sad..all nice memories of adventure with them just had to buried inside sea of my mind ...nothing much can do.
But few years study at my old alma mater, St. Michael I finally find my true
friends that is yoke teng and Vincent.Actually quite intersting with them play,laugh,scold,crapping and etc many more fun stuff always happening around us.I still remember the vincent or Itchy dog always scold by yoke teng and yoke teng most funniest thing is he holding* his laugh LOL The most precious memory with them was we work together as artists in the drama...those days really very very fun and I no regret being artist even though it is very exhausted job sigh...thank u yoke teng if not u drag me in become artist I may not experience so fun and interesting job in the Drama. I with those two fella, Itchy dog and Butcher yoke work as artist in consecutive dramas that is Mulan and Hunchback of Notredome...I draw dragon and skeleton as contributions to the dramas....without vincent and yoke teng those two masterpieces can't show as most beautiful art to people come and watch the dramas...really really thank you to u all...
life is always like this, happiest time pass very fast..we need to separate because everyone have their own dream to chase so sad to say we need to...after my form 6 I need separated with this 2 good brothers...I quite unexpected yoke teng come to kampar visit me...really surprise but too bad I'm person not easily show emotion to people haha~!wari wari(sorry)..I feel very happy at that moment..hehe!thank u yoke teng u make me dig back old memories in my mind..
Finally, come to my University era,in my current era..I had two brothers...those two are Howard and Alvin...I tell u la howard is a person calm and excel every sport activities additonally his study is spectacular great so he consider as Guan Yu. If those didnt read Three Kingdoms novel then let me tell la, Guan Yu is a person smart in literate and fighting so in chinese we said " Man Mo Sheung Chuen".The other one Alvin is just like Zhang Fei because he very bad temper and treat people kindly to those people acknowledge and treat him honestly like brother similar to Zhang Fei...I think Yoke Teng quite similar to him haha~!we three form as group just like Liu Bei form the Shu army...Moreover, many small kingdoms very afraid to Liu bei army when Liu bei recruit many great generals such as zhao Yun,Zhang Fei,Guan Yu, Ma chao and Huang Zhong..these all fella in that era called as 5 Tiger generals of Shu Kingdom...same goes to my group like those general become formidable and make great presentation and assignment..
Frankly, Alvin and Howard help me a I sincerely thank u to them...moreover, they really treat me like good brother because when they have good news they share and even sad stories they also willing to share to me, didn't feel I'm outsider so it is make me feel very strong bond between us so you all can see situation just those 3 brothers of Three kingdoms..hehe..In my tutorial finally I got new nickname that is Eric Pa...they influence by TVB series "Ka Hoe Yue Yuen" or Moonlight Resonance series..the reason have this nickname because I open private lecture for 10 people about law haha~!anyway one time enough experience really very exhausted that day teach people lol...that day onwards in tutorial class everyone knows the line.."Got Eric Pa at Living room no need to scare"haha~!Our group have celebration for this semester and my good friend birthday that day..quite fun play around with sushi and wait 2 hours just for 30 plates sushi haha~!Quite good memory that day..fuu
In my uni life, make me great experience and also quite exhausted le when doing assignment and presentation just like liu bei prepare war to defend his homeland,Chengdu lol..I think my good sai lou Eric experience more than me when preparing reports and exam didn't sleep at all lol mmm...eric maybe just like zhuge Liang prepare strategy formation for battle of Wu Chang Plain in Northern campaign against great strategist Sima Yi under Cao cao.Why I choose Wu chang plain event because this event is most famous event Zhuge liang didn't sleep and eat for few days just non-stop formulate strategies inside the camp similar to Eric Tiew my great sai lou but luckily not fully like him because zhuge liang die in that incident lol die with honor and even gain respect from his rival enemy Sima Yi. Sima Yi said You are deserve as number one great srategist even u die still able to war?!interesting le...Zhuge Liang use his corpse deceive Sima Yi to force retreat and increase morale of own armies so what to u think about zhuge Liang?lol
Besides, In rental house I make lot of friends too and some may can say enemy haha joking la...I quite rare make enemy with people..if those people make as enemy means he really very very bad just like Sima Yi the traitor or Nobunanga Oda the Six Demon God.I quite enjoy live at rental because I with my housemates play Go(wei Qi),trump cards, badminton,and I'm quite happy a long the year in this University life...I met many great people, nice people, cacat people not means he/she handicap but the mind really cacat* haha~!and some interesting people..

The above picture show all great generals of 3 kingdoms taking photo at toilet haha~!I also don't why they always like to take photo at that place lol. Why
I describe them as generals of 3 kingdoms because some may have characteristic of those generals for example my friend ah hoe like to make cold jokes just like Lu Su, for those got watch Red Cliff 2 may know who is besides some fella just like Yuan Shao(a person full with charisma but not so clever) and Wang Yun who is use his own daughter Diao Chan( one of the great beauties historic China) to tempt almighty Lubu the greatest warrior In China at that time.haha~!
Anyway,my university life quite interesting especially you finish all assignments in one night just like make miracle moreover the result of the assignment is great it just like Red Cliff war Liu Bei alliance Sun Quan to create miracle, A small force armies win over giant armies consist of 800 thousand soldiers of Cao cao see this little girl so happy finish all assignments in one night LOL...quite enjoy with those new friends and brothers go play basketball, sing karaoke, study together and make discussion, give so enjoyable even though very tired la haha~!I'm no regret make have just great companions hehe~!
those friends didn't appear in this story then I would say pai seh or sorry or komentasai haha~!but those who is my brothers and friends always in my heart and I will never diminishing those memories you all with me play,chat,chase bus,crapping and many more crazy and fun things LOL.


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