Saturday, January 24, 2015

2014 New Value & 2015 我醒著做夢

Time is moving.....I'm just feeling that right in time about Jacky Cheung make  this song out named as 我醒著做夢  ...."wake up dreaming"...Just realize a lot of incidents were happening in year 2014. realization what you have and don't believe too much a dream in real. Then, you will be in deep sh*t.

Once it shows that certain things not go exactly for current time to happen. Then, we just need to "Wait" and "Re-create" opportunity to adapt new environment for reach our dream. This is one of the step from Sun Tzu and the element of "time" is undeniable fact can be change by us.

Good or bad just in between of the line. I just had been learn "NO" logy and  may some human always in greediness and self-ego to achieve his/her achievement. In real society to learn the survival, we must be optimistic about any critical situation and humbleness to anyone....the suffering will go through and just matter of time..One day, he/she will come to appreciate you ....

Of Course, there is a price need to pay for your effort is just the return in value of big or small....worth or not worth depends on your own opportunity cost.....For me in the year 2014 was a bitterness year but it makes me more growth and understand what it is "Life" in the society. Value certain things in my life and well well still need to live and work as human being in this turbulence world. Fight your Dream with more Realistic Ways.

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