Sunday, October 21, 2012


This is my a not easy to follow....and deep meaning...chinese word-use means u fully utilize what you have...Just as the business world always like to use this shape theory(optimization all your resources) and Heart means work not just your interest but also fully concentrate in the career or task. Hence, you can use this term in multi-task then, you will be another Steve Job. Yea...also need to based on reality and rational thinking do a work..not just dreaming alwiz wakakakka..=)....

this drawing was illustrated after saw someone like to wasting time and not focus work in my office and also certain people just wondering their futures. Another quotation from ericsoft...

"We create future in right time and in right place additionally, with right people too", (ericsoft,2012). This is the saying that we always saw in military or war book statement (environment need to match to geographical, season, time and human network)

....bye...time for me ...use this term do budgeting LOLX


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