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Event of 2009 Part 2-Early Tung

Thank u first to everyone had been support my blog so long in 2009...I hope in this new year 2010 u all still be with me..share your thought, opinion or your feeling to me especially my best friends and brothers and my good good relatives.This time the post is continue my 2009 great event.
Why I title it as Early Tung is because my cousin Steve invite I and my mom eat "Thousand Dinner" that night and my uncles' families and my Joker* aunty too lol hope she didn't read the blog reunion family...Actually my father side relatives very raRE GONE TOGETHER as whole and eat together just as i mention before in the previous post.

Tung is a festival for reunion whole family to have great a great memorable feast hehe just like me lol...Why I call this dinner as "Thousand Dinner"?Because that dinner cost one thousand ringgit no bluffing just for one table only. That Thousand Dinner we eat at famous throughout Ipoh or maybe Malaysia lol that is Oversea restaurant(above).The above pic is the new restaurant and that night we don't have chance eat there even my father work there haha~!coz that night a wedding dinner having big banquet approximately 80+ tables that night so no place for us have the choice go old Oversea(below).

You all may ask what dishes so "Ba Pike" means proud? first I also like you all cause I had been invited by my bro steve very hard...I don't want go cause I havinf final examination but in the end i also go la haha~!Total dishes are 9 so also can say Kau Dai Kwai(9 grand Dishes).
First dish come to the table is "Four Hapiness" as the starter for your stomach hehe. The north side is tai chi or scallop meat plus fish meat made one so is very fresh the meat u can taste it one(for me not so special)haha...west side wooo nice crispy and inside wrap some kind of vegetable so prevent you feel very oily eat such fry thing.East part highly recommended is consider best of best compare lok it in the pic like very dry but once you put into the mouth and some kind of sauce split out slowly..not mayonise but is like cream like that and amount inside of it is just right.Lastly is the south, it got some slice of chinese ham and got vegetable cut in shape and put some meat inside..meat very taste...first look like very odinary but inside the mouth is something else cho haha

Second dish is the most luxury and consider first class dish in chinese community dishes that is none other than our SHARK FIN SOUP...not pirated ok!!!whole thing are real 100% not like that night food fair. We eat this soup called as Shark fin soup with Crab king meat. Damn huge crab meat inside the soup plus the fin like noodle( not totaly alike if yes I too outrageous haha)no need I describe if u taste before, the soup really u can feel the chef effort to take long hours to make the of the top of food..but don't eat too much la..coz shark also extinct lo haha~!

Third dish is my favorite!!! that is Yee chu or Roasted pig!!I think if luffy(ONE PIECE COMIC)will long hand steal away this fantastic food LOL....actually this not just roasted big cause underneath got glutinous rice so the dish called "roasted/ sukling pig with glutinous rice"(Yee Chu law mai fan).The rice is just great and say 4 star dish cause every sauce of oil is drop into rice make it rich of favor no need put other sauce or chili to eat..the pig omg..the skin and meat roasted in right time so does not have those blacky* thing hehe sorry again for those diet leng chai leng lui can't eat this ^__^
Beside the pig is jelly fish with sesame wooo I love to eat this!!but too bad too little le.

Fourth is the "Yin Yang chicken" or Kam Heong Kai(golden scent chicken)...this name is come from style of making this chicken..chicken slice in many parts stick into yam ...right on top you see is the yam compose wth other vegetables and some nice sauce and bottom stick together with roasted chicken. Besides roasted chicken with yam,is chicken slices meat with green pepper and red pepper fry together with some sauce..if compare I rather roasted chicken iwth yam is damn Nice 4.5/5 star!!

Fifth dishes is the Steamed Promfet Fish with soya sauce...every wedding you may eat this kind of fish(Tau Dye)but this time a bit different that is the bone take out and fry so is nice when drink wine hehe....then the meat shaped it and use back their skin to wrap..woo so artistic don't know how they make it haha~!the dish like a chinese fan lol the dish score 4 star la..

Sixth dishes is Tiger prawn with nut and Island delight sauce...I love it and my handphone no more memory unable take photo and no time delete photos cause this dinner are no splitting any free second for u stop rest CAUSE NEED TO FAST CATCH/SNATCH YOUR FOOD!!those got watch strongest disciple kenichi anime u will understand la..goes to Seventh dish is consider one of famous dishes in oversea that is Ba Po duck or Eigth treasures duck...before pen inside and just look on top is just like kenny roger chicken haha...but once to open the duck stomach then u will see lot of treasures* such as herbs ingredient, duck meat and chicken too and etc...for those like internal organ then this is favorite but for me >_< sorry..but the duck meat and also the gravy is very nice!!

Eighth dish is the Special Beehoon soup...this beehon u can't find anywhere cause is made by Oversea and the behoon is so smooth and soft the mee OMG so nice la..moreover the soup is fantastic...and also got some Yu ben(fish cake)made by Oversea too....quite different cause got a little black pepper inside lol anyway is just great.Lastly is big Mutiple Fruits as dessert such as kiwi,mango,papaya,starfruit.etc

After everyone full till belly also want to burst...then we go take a reunion photo..but need a person to take photo so my second uncle call my sister bf to help take photo but my aunty did not heard the word "help" so my Joker aunty said He surname is NG meh??! (O__O)wuahaha~!then, aunty so clever fast fast change phrase say wei whose duck bone is this(the bones pack up for my Elder uncle' dog)after my sis bf want respon what my aunty said(can't hear toh kua)haha.....everyone laugh in the chaos..this secret between my mom,my joker aunty and my second aunty haha~!the end...and I hope everyone will have better start in this new year and this new year as starting point become good luck eternity!!

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  1. wah, the food looks so nice...
    i wan the roasted pork lorH!!!!
    happy new year of 2010 to you dai lou!! haha


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