Sunday, February 15, 2009


Sigh now only got time update my blog...very very sai lou, Eric also damn busy haha right my good sai lou?...

bEFORE I start my "dark Wednesday"..I here would like say thanks to everyone who help me alot that day arigadoh mina..thanks Taicho, yew wai,lulu,mun2,Kc and others who help me before last time ....I will very appreciate our friendship from everyone, to those I knew since stardard 1 until present... I would like to say friend is most nearest relative to you when you just alone or come to a place without your brother, sister or parent...for me...a true friend is kind and honest is enough. Don't get me wrong kind means you can bully him/her until die haha~!everyone has his/her limitation so pandai pandai siu siu la so must clever to predict their behaviour la everyone.Additionally, sometimes friend help you and try their best but not every time they could assist this point I very understand so those unable help me because some reasons I understand no need to apologize...honesty is not just say something true...and also no betrayal each other in very serious matter....Lastly, try to avoid materialistic element in quite harm the bond of each


Don't know why .when I very busy that time my PC will kacau me..last wednesday really a DAMN dark Wednesday for me...suddenly a window file corrupted then it make until my window can't go in ...very very cham...luckily i met a new friend, Kc and last time work before as PC technician....but once he open here and there..then only discover..."do u have screwdriver?"..shit!!I ask everyone in the house no one have...finally I ask blur queen lulu help lo..hoho luckily she got plus Dr.Soon Yew wai(so lou anyway haha~!) ask yew wai help my friend Kc and yew wai combine force repair my PC...sweat le repair PC...finally figure it our inside extension problem cause the window CD can't repair or backup the pc....later, Yew wai go back lo ...maybe not enough "boil porridge" with Coca so..hehe~!then, left Kc put back all components back into original first is like transformer ...separate everything haha~!...damn now again..Kc forget how to plug back the wire into original place which one wuahaha~!

Anyway, in the end the PC work back and can proceed to window cho...but DVD ROM and burner can't function yet...still the wire maybe plug next week repairing session to be continue haha~!I will not blame Kc about the wire because that day repairing session do until 430am...everyone eyes like Japanese man...horizontal line hehe~!everyone like walking corpse face hoho~!me,Kc and wai mun....luckily other programs still work..if not I also don't know how to prepare my assignments and presentations...yare yare...


  1. i your friend or sai lou, dai lou?hahaha
    Hmmm, it sounds so nice for you that you have so many friends when you're in trouble...^^
    Sorry i wasnt there but even if i do i wouldnt be able to help though coz duno much abt fixing PC..LOL

  2. wow...i can see my face there in ur friends pictures...

    anytime u need my help, can just ring me orite??

  3. lol.. i'll always be at gong there.. seems tat i cause u more trouble.. but fun being around with u~~tho u always 'sai' me.. sob... it's an entertainment btw.. right??

  4. HAHA! i cn see my face there...Thx Eric pa!! u r a great APA....


  5. hoho..sorry to those didn't put pic inside my design picture...I had too much friend is more than 100 so can't fit in all..I just randomize the selection..hope all my friends understand it
    Eric~ of coz u r my good sailou undeniable
    haha~!I had been say no need sorry if u can't help because some solid reason...I know nowadays everyone busy exam, prepare presentation and work very hard for assignment,I also like this nowadays haha~!
    Peipei~ haha pei pei so happy.u should feel lucky and proud because i randomize selection u r very lucky so this year maybe a good year for u hehe~!
    Lulu~ wuahaha...wei mui mui I sai* u all is true and just want u become good and like normal human* u realize ka u trouble me? haha~!never mind just small matter..yaya only u fun lo when u around everyone .remember the joke u make and in the end force me use...1..2...3ha.ha.ha.
    Miew~ haha!wat apa apa.father haha~!no need thnx..remember the motto in our sai ken, Eric Pa hai dai tank(no need scare,father Eric in the living room)haha~!

  6. wah dugong bro...
    i can see my picture there also...
    muackmuack ^^ XD

  7. walao. can see my pic in there
    so nice of you man.
    still can remember our primary school days.
    "hou tai yau chi kik" LOL
    thanks! take care wei!


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